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Day by day we are seeing how users know more and more things about Linux and its distribution thanks to the graphic environment they offer to the user. Users get trapped at first sight because the desktops of distributions such as Fedora or Ubuntu are really attractive.

Now, and thanks to Fedora Transformation Pack you can emulate the look and feel of Fedora within your Windows XP.

Fedora Transformation Pack is an application that transforms the look of Windows and installs the necessary components o make it seem to be running under Fedora.

Not only does it include the desktop and the famous Fedora wallpaper, but Fedora Transformation Pack also includes and modifies the Start menu, icons, system tray, and even application windows. Finally it also includes an skin for MSN Messenger and some transparency effects.

If you want to have a Fedora look while using Windows XP, this is the pack you need.
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